Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies : SPEEDS - 2013
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SMS Lucknow
All India Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental &
Disaster Science: Climatic Disturbances & Its Global Impact (SPEEDS-2018)
24 & 25 November 2018
The Institution of Engineers (India)
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Shri Narendra Modi
'Hon'ble Prime Minister, India'
Shri Ram Naik
'Governor, Uttar Pradesh'
Shri Ashutosh Tandon
'Cabinet Minister, Uttar Pradesh'
Shri Rajendra Singh
'Waterman of India'
Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar
'Sec., Uttar Pradesh'
Prof. Vinay Kr. Pathak
Shri Pravir Kumar
Prof. V.K.Singh
Prof. Subir K. Bhatnagar
Prof. N.M.P. Verma
Prof. S.P. Singh
'VC, LU'
Er. V.B. Singh
'Council Member, FIE'
 About Seminar  

Climate change is transformative because its consequences reach much further than receding ice lines. Beyond the Melt explores the hidden side of Arctic climate change. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average, making climate change’s polar effects more intense than anywhere else in the world. Scientists project that the North Pole will see completely ice free summers by 2030.

Delving into issues as far ranging as persistent organic pollutants, methane energy sources, and warm-weather diseases, global research team uncovers, analyses, and shares the unexpected challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing Arctic. Over exploitation of earth resources means dwindling of the ecological balance leading to natural calamities like- pestilence, earthquakes, landslides, heavy downpour, scanty rainfall , severe droughts etc., around the world causing about 50 lakh deaths per year on an average. These also produce grave injuries leaving life to standstill and make many homeless.

On the other hand climate change risks are becoming the biggest challenges of the 21st century; such as rising sea levels, that could force us to alter many ways through which economic and social activities are arranged. Climate related changes may threaten human health, disrupt economic activity, damage natural ecosystems irreversibly, and even (in worst case scenarios) lead to mass migration, food shortage, and other global humanitarian crises. We have to outline the global climate strategy to curb it such as: conversion to lower carbon economies in both developed and developing countries, with market-based incentive schemes dominant in the former group, and low-carbon technology transfer schemes dominant in the latter.

Forthcoming seminar aims at recognizing links and addressing gaps, offering strategic recommendations for exploitation of natural, renewable and non-conventional energy sources to overcome the climatic disturbances due to environmental damages, climate change risks by providing disaster management strategies and streamline the aftermath of the natural disasters and explore the probable pre and post natural disaster prevention machinery to minimize the global loss of GDP to a great extent.

The Theme of Seminar:

Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental & Disaster Science: Climatic Disturbances & Its Global Impact

Theme Areas of Discussion:

i) Green Coverage Issues
ii) Potential of Natural Energy in India
iii) Renewable Energy Resources
iv) Climate Changes / Glacier Melting / Sea-level rise
v) Non-Conventional Energy Resources
vi) Environmental Issues
vii) Preservation of Natural Resources
vii) Others

 Call of Papers  

School of Management Sciences, Technical Campus, Lucknow in association with The Institution of Engineers (India), U.P. State Centre, Lucknow and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow is organizing an National Seminar on “Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental & Disaster Science: Climatic Disturbances & Its Global Impact” (SPEEDS-2018) on Oct’ 27-28 Nov. 24-25, 2018, which will provide us a good platform to express our deep concern over the aforementioned themes in interaction with the academicians / industrialists.
You are therefore requested to kindly submit your abstract (on the mentioned dates) and after getting approval from reviewer committee, you can send your full length paper (on the mentioned dates) for presentation in the SPEEDS-2018. All the selected papers are going to be published in the International Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SAMRIDDHI-2018) in different Special volumes.
Thus, you are required to select topic of your choice from these areas and submit your abstract on or before the mentioned date in not more that 250 words so that it could become a part of our Souvenir.

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